To describe our adventure through the city of Atlanta, I guess the place to start is at the very beginning.

What happened was that we decided to add on a trip to Atlanta after Chris’s work conference in Nashville.

It would require a 4-hour drive.

Four hours is nothing to Chris and I.

But we had our concerns with Trevor, who’s a walking, talking burst of pure energy. And our ball of energy don’t love being strapped into car seats for more than 30 minutes.

A lot of days, we’re lucky and Tru will sit quietly for an hour or even two.

We’ll play a children’s music cd for a while. Then he’ll watch some shows on the kindle for a while. Then he’ll have some milk and eat a little snack. Then he’ll watch the cars and trucks pass by us on the road for a while.

Unfortunately, our travel day to Atlanta was not that kind of day! View Post



I brought my camera along with me when my family made the trip to the Georgia Aquarium. I figured Trevor would love the aquarium, and I might capture a cute portrait of him along the way.

Then we stepped into the most stunning and colossal aquarium (I later learned that the Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world!). And I found myself snapping photos left and right! View Post



“Why Atlanta?” That was my one question for Chris when he suggested a side trip to Atlanta after we spent some time exploring Nashville. Atlanta was just not on my radar for top family travel destinations.

However. Once we arrived, here’s what happened: View Post


Take-A-Photo-Tour-of-the-Incredible -Imaginary-Worlds-Atlanta-Botanical-Garden

We arrived in Atlanta – after a four-hour drive – tired, hungry and weary.

One late afternoon nap later, we made our way to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

And just like that, our moods and our thoughts of Atlanta were turned 180 degrees… View Post


Nashville. This was not a city Chris or I had ever thought to explore. But now that we’ve been, we can’t imagine going through life never seeing it!

There is such a creative, soulful energy to Nashville. And it’s definitely unlike anything we’ve seen anywhere.

From the old Ryman Auditorium where so many legends performed, to the incredible live shows of the Grand Ole Opry, to the Country Music Hall of Fame, there is such a celebration of the creative talents of the countless musicians who got their start here.

And it’s not just about history. That celebration is alive and well today… View Post



When we told people we were traveling to Nashville, we heard over and over that Nashville is a great place for nightlife. That didn’t mean too much to Chris and I. We have a two-year-old with an 8pm bedtime. We weren’t sure if Nashville would be equally fun and interesting for a family with a toddler… View Post



Yes, everyone has the country music landmarks – like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium – on their must-see list when they’re traveling to Nashville.

But if you’re anything like me (obsessed with photography), you probably also want to find the most scenic and impressively beautiful sites in Nashville too. Despite traveling with a toddler who always has his own agenda(!), I was determined to find the most stunning spots in Nashville and get lots of photos.

The good news is that Nashville has an overflow of stunningly beautiful sites to choose from.

Here are my top picks for gorgeous photo locations in Nashville (along with all of the best photos I managed to capture, in between chasing Trevor around town!): View Post