The moment that Chris, Trevor and I arrived on Warwick Long Bay Beach is one I’ll always remember.

It was one of those rare warm-but-not-uncomfortably-hot days where the skies were blue and clear, with no humidity.

We stepped onto a long stretch of soft, white sand. And beyond the pristine beach: crystal clear, calm waters (i.e. no murkiness or seaweed, etc.) that were the most beautiful shade of turquoise, with dark, jagged limestone rock dotting the open ocean.

Aside from the three of us, there was not another soul on the public beach.

As I watched Trevor take off in a sprint through the sand, these were the words that came to mind:

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Although we’ve always loved to travel, Chris and I were anxious about our first official trip of our year-long journey. We planned to go to Bermuda, but we didn’t know how difficult travel would be with a toddler.

It turned out we never needed to worry. Bermuda is just such an incredible island – with so many jaw-dropping and fascinating sites – that we had an absolutely amazing trip!

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Before we left for our trip to Bermuda, Chris and I were a little concerned that Bermuda was just for golfers and honeymooners.

But the good news is that our family felt welcomed with open arms as soon as we arrived on the island. People everywhere loved greeting Trevor and engaging him in conversation.

And we found that there were enough family-friendly activities to entertain us for a few weeks! There were so many interesting options (all great for kids), we kept ourselves very busy for our entire trip!

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Chris and I honestly did not know what to expect when we booked a room at the Rosewood Bermuda.

At home in Boston, Massachusetts, we were buried in a couple of feet of snow, trying to stay warm in below-freezing temperatures.

Could Bermuda, a small island that was a mere 2-hour flight away, really be the tropical paradise we were daydreaming about?

Here’s what we found out about the Rosewood Bermuda Resort…

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And so it begins!

We kicked off our year-long travel adventure with our first official trip to…


Chris and I chose Bermuda when we learned it was an easy 2-hour flight from our hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Before Trevor was born, Chris and I did the 12-hour flight from Boston to Maui. All through the cold and brutal winter of 2018 – which seemed to never end! – we were daydreaming about those crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

So our hope was that Bermuda might be a smaller, simpler replica of that Hawaii dream trip…

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There is so much to see in Banff National Park, it can get overwhelming!

Each hiking spot, each day trip seems more interesting and beautiful than the next, and there are endless options.

For our trip to Banff National Park, Chris and I had a lot of trouble deciding how to narrow it all down.

But having returned from our trip, I’m sure of one thing: a day spent in the town of Banff is very worthwhile!

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About halfway up the Lake Agnes Tea House hike – if you’re anything like me – you’ll want to give up and turn around.

My best advice: keep going!

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