After having seen so much of it, I have to say this:

If you’re planing a trip to New England and you’re tying to decide which towns you must see, I’d definitely recommend you put Newport, Rhode Island at the top of your list.

From the ocean sunsets, to the beautiful downtown shopping district on the harbor, to the historic mansions and gardens, it’s all just so beautiful.

We loved it all. And…

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As we pulled up to the ornate gates of The Elms in Newport, I felt as though I was leaving New England for the French countryside. View Post



The sun has just set as we make our way toward WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island.

Trevor’s first sight is of a man selling multicolored glow toys with flashing LED lights.

The man stops to take our ten-dollar bill, then uses his teeth to rip open the clear plastic packaging. He turns on Trevor’s new light-up toy, hands it to Trevor, then continues pushing his small cart down the street. View Post



If you explore one historic mansion during your visit to Newport, Rhode Island, make it The Breakers.

This incredible mansion, built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II (heir to the Vanderbilt fortune), is often called the epitome of the Gilded Age.

Chris and I have explored castles throughout Europe, and still, The Breakers stands out as one of my favorite preserved buildings.

It’s just so extraordinarily beautiful and so unbelievably well-preserved. View Post



Of all of the places we’ve seen and explored so far on our family’s travel journey, Newport stands out as one of our top travel destinations in New England.

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To describe our adventure through the city of Atlanta, I guess the place to start is at the very beginning.

What happened was that we decided to add on a trip to Atlanta after Chris’s work conference in Nashville.

It would require a 4-hour drive.

Four hours is nothing to Chris and I.

But we had our concerns with Trevor, who’s a walking, talking burst of pure energy. And our ball of energy don’t love being strapped into car seats for more than 30 minutes.

A lot of days, we’re lucky and Tru will sit quietly for an hour or even two.

We’ll play a children’s music cd for a while. Then he’ll watch some shows on the kindle for a while. Then he’ll have some milk and eat a little snack. Then he’ll watch the cars and trucks pass by us on the road for a while.

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I brought my camera along with me when my family made the trip to the Georgia Aquarium. I figured Trevor would love the aquarium, and I might capture a cute portrait of him along the way.

Then we stepped into the most stunning and colossal aquarium (I later learned that the Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world!). And I found myself snapping photos left and right! View Post