My goal is to get Trevor into his crib by 2pm for naptime, with no tears.

At about 1pm, he starts tugging on my sleeve while I’m just setting my lunch on the table.

“You’re all done? You’re all done? Play out back?” Trevor has never liked to let me eat in peace, ever since he was a newborn.

I leave my lunch on the table, take his outstretched hand, and together we head to the playroom at the far end of the house.

He drives one of his favorite cars, his black monster truck, up to me.

“Hi, Mommy,” he says in a deep voice.

“Hi Monster Truck, how are you today,” I reply.

“I fine,” he says in his deep voice. He drives the truck under a couch throw pillow.

“Are you playing Hide and Seek, Monster Truck?” I ask.

Trevor laughs, he’s delighted by this idea. He huddles over the pillow, protecting Monster Truck from being found, while I pretend to look around the room.

This is a game he’s invented recently, where he pretends that his toy cars can talk. I love watching his imagination grow!

We play for a couple of minutes, and then I know it’s time to put in my first “gentle reminder.”

“After we play cars, it’s time for your nap.”

“NOO! I don’t want to take a nap! Mickey Roadster Racers! First Mickey, then nap!”

“Okay. But you understand right? First Mickey, then your nap.” I grab the remote and find an episode of Trevor’s favorite show, Mickey Roadster Racers, on demand. I head back to my now-cold lunch. View Post



We’d driven all morning to reach Chicago.

Our original plan was to head straight for the Lincoln Park Zoo, where we could stretch our legs, breathe some fresh air, and give Trevor a chance to run free for a while.

Instead, I was watching a stray cat squeeze his limber body through the tiny opening at the bottom of a rusty barbed wire fence.

He darted gracefully past the discarded candy wrappers and the weeds that grew through the cracked concrete of the impoundment lot.

And he headed in the direction of the rental minivan that held all of our luggage… View Post


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So you’ve taken a selfie of your reflection at the famous Cloud Gate (aka “The Bean”).

And you’ve looked down at the city below your feet from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower Skydeck.

But now you’re ready to take a break from the crowds.

And see something a little off the beaten bath.

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“On your mark … Get set … Go!”

Trevor’s been reciting this phrase for days.

It all started when we walked into the “Speed” exhibit at The Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond.

As soon as we stepped into the exhibit, we all zeroed in on the race track with the giant digital timers overhead.

Visitors could sprint down the track as the digital clocks recorded race times.

Displays compared how well those recorded times stacked up against the top speeds of Olympic gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt.

Of course we had to try!

First, Chris and I raced.

Then Tru had to get in on the action, so I raced Tru.

Then Tru raced Chris…

Of course, none of us came close to Bolt’s time.

And Trevor didn’t even understand the goal of beating the race times that were displayed.

But he was laughing and having the time of his life… View Post


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The funniest thing.

A few days leading up to our trip to Richmond, Trevor began talking about a purple slide.

“Want to go puh-ple slide.”

He would just say this at random times throughout the day.

We don’t have a purple slide at home. Chris and I had no clue where he came up with this.

So imagine Chris’s and my surprise when we walked into the Children’s Museum of Richmond Downtown (the Broad Street location).

And there, in the center of the museum, was a giant tunnel slide that was deep purple in color.

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The truth that I have to admit to Richmond, Virginia is this:

You were never actually on my travel bucket list.

Please don’t take it personally.

The thing is, I’d never heard much about you and I just didn’t know.

But something happened recently, and I think you’ll be pleased to hear this, Richmond.

Our family decided to go to a wedding on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Yours was the nearest airport where we could get a nonstop flight, so we decided to spend some time exploring…

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