Here’s the Maine town with classic New England seacoast charm, natural beauty and colorful fall foliage, and a charming downtown district…


Trevor clutches my hand as we make our way over a jagged rocky coastline.

We’re wearing sweaters and scarves to protect us against the chilly October wind.

But Trevor’s hand, so tiny and so soft, is comfortingly warm.

Sailboats skim peacefully over the gentle waves.

On the horizon, where the endless ocean becomes sky, the setting sun is lighting up in a show of stunning reds, oranges and yellows.

And yet, the sunset can hardly compete with the gorgeous display of autumn color decorating the trees that line the shore… View Post



Michigan was a whirlwind.

A busy mash-up of activities.

A random hodgepodge of sites.

But looking back on it all, I loved every part of it… View Post


On your trip to Michigan, here’s where to find breathtaking sunsets, white sand beaches, and a lake that seems to stretch forever…


I run my fingers through the sand. It’s as powdery, soft, cool and white as the beaches of a tropical paradise.

Beside me, Trevor lies back. Squinting his eyes against the setting sun, he drags his arms and legs across the pristine beach like I taught him, attempting his first “sand angel.”

From behind us, Chris approaches with a grease-stained paper bag from the Paisley Pig Gastropub. He hands me a burger (a pineapple and beet veggie burger) while Trevor reaches for some crispy, seasoned fries.

We don’t have any blankets, we’re kind of winging this trip, so we settle onto the sand to enjoy our (super casual) beach picnic.

I reach for a fry. It’s delicious. And gritty. The sand that was clinging to Trevor’s jacket after making all of those sand angels? It’s found its way onto our dinner.

I take a moment to look around. There are couples sitting on the sand to watch the sunset and families walking their dogs along the shore but, for the most part, the beach is quiet.

So calm and so vast, Lake Michigan appears to stretch for miles in every direction.

In the near distance, the sun is slowly setting over the fisherman on the pier, and a vivid red lighthouse matches the brilliance of the sky.

This moment feels like a dream. I never would have imagined that we’d stumble on such a breathtaking beach just a few hours outside of Detroit, Michigan… View Post


Cathedral-Ledge-Views-White-Mountains-NH View Post



One moment, I’m snapping photos of Chris and Trevor in front of a roaring waterfall surrounded by towering trees.

The next, Trevor is dipping his little toes into icy cold, pristine waters that flow over rocky riverbeds, with the White Mountains as a backdrop.

A short drive later, we’re strolling through an antique wooden covered bridge from the 1850’s.

And then, we’re taking in a breathtaking panoramic mountain vista.

With just one day on the Kancamagus Highway (located in the White Mountains National Forest), it’s possible to see and do it all… View Post



So you’re traveling to Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend. And you know you want to explore the stunningly beautiful Newport Mansions.

One problem: there are ten properties owned by the Preservation Society of Newport County, all open to the public to tour.

So where do you begin? And what are the sites you can’t miss? View Post



We’re so close to Newport now.

Our road trip is nearing its end.

But Trevor has already had enough.

He doesn’t want any more Kindle videos. He’s tired of the children’s audio books. He’s already enjoyed a sippy cup of milk. He is squirming, he wants “out” of his car seat, and his fussing is dangerously approaching meltdown mode.

Chris’s and my weariness level is reaching its peak.

But then we happen to catch site of a road sign for something called “Green Animals Topiary Garden.”

It’s an intriguing name.

And a public garden sounds like the perfect place to allow Tru to hop out of that car seat and run free for a little while.

Chris follows the signs, and we’re both feeling a little more hopeful now. We’ve never heard of this place, but the Green Animals Topiary Garden just might save us in this moment… View Post