Check out our complete photo tour review of The Jefferson Hotel. This stunningly beautiful, 5-star luxury hotel is historic, built in 1895…


I arrived at The Jefferson with my back sort of aching.

What happened was that we’d just finished a four-hour car ride in a small and cramped rental.

My lower back pain began early on in the drive.

I tried adjusting the car seat forward and then back.

I tried sitting cross-legged and then I tried sitting with my feet up on the dashboard.

No matter what I tried, that rental car and I just couldn’t make things work. View Post


Here are the top 7 reasons why we think every family with kids should visit this incredibly scenic town in Massachusetts in fall…


When you think about a dream trip to Massachusetts in fall, what comes to mind?

For me, there are so many things.

Maybe a quaint little downtown filled with cobblestone streets and shops that are decorated with pumpkins and autumn flowers.

Maybe a wooded trail just bursting with autumn color, with trees in shades of bright yellow and vivid red.

Maybe a harbor on the Atlantic, with sailboats swaying on gentle waves and orange fall foliage lining the shores.

If these words are speaking to you, I’ve got the ideal Massachusetts town for your next family trip… View Post


Our vote for the ultimate fall foliage destination only one hour from Boston. Located right on the coast and home to lots of nature reserves.


Trevor is anxiously tugging at my coat, exclaiming, “up! up! up!”

I scoop him into my arms and adjust his weight on my hips.

High enough now to see, he peers into the glass display case and immediately zeroes in on the frosted sugar cookies.

I can barely contain him, Trevor is dancing so excitedly in my arms.

He calls out each cookie design he sees, all with a fall theme: “brown football … white ghost … black bat … orange pumpkin.”

He makes his choice (a white ghost). The bakery shop owner places the sugar cookie in a small white bag and hands it to Trevor.

Trevor opens the bag and savors his first delicious bite before I even finish paying.

He takes my hand and we continue walking down the cobblestone streets of downtown.

Gorgeous red brick buildings line the sidewalks, all filled with charming, local restaurants and shops.

The storefronts are all decorated for autumn: cornstalks, hay bales, pumpkins, and flowers in shades of gold and deep burgundy… View Post


Halloween 2018 was, oh, about one hundred percent better than Halloween 2017.

Last Halloween, we were hit with an awful storm. Our entire neighborhood lost power and Halloween was basically cancelled.

We spent the cold night huddled around candlelight in scarves and hats.

This Halloween, we had a party at our house, we did a little ‘trick or treating’ around the neighborhood, Tru had his first taste of chocolate candy, and we pulled off a successful ice cream truck costume (I call it a “success” because Trevor happily wore it).

Let’s start with the whole pink ice cream truck situation… View Post



In late October, we traveled to the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

For all three of us, it was our first time exploring to the area. Before going there, I’d barely heard of the Outer Banks. I had no idea what to expect.

Here’s how our trip to the Outer Banks went: View Post


Here’s our complete photo review of the Wright Brothers National Memorial, with everything you can expect to experience during your visit.


For some years I’ve been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man…” Wilbur Wright (May 13, 1900)



To arrive at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina for a wedding last week, I thought nothing of booking a last-minute, one-hour flight.

And yet walking through the Wright Brothers National Memorial, I realized that – just a little over 100 years ago – such an everyday occurrence would’ve been an impossible dream… View Post


Our vote for the #1 most kid- and family-friendly beach destination offers stress-free convenience and pristine beaches… 


Through our travels, we’ve visited many beaches up and down the east coast of the United States.

The truth for our family: nearly every beach is kid-friendly! If there are waves to wade through and sands to roll around in (or, on rocky beaches, pebbles to throw!), Trevor is one happy little guy.

Even so, we do have a vote for the ultimate beach destination for families with young kids: View Post