And so it begins!

We kicked off our year-long travel adventure with our first official trip to…


Chris and I chose Bermuda when we learned it was an easy 2-hour flight from our hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Before Trevor was born, Chris and I did the 12-hour flight from Boston to Maui. All through the cold and brutal winter of 2018 – which seemed to never end! – we were daydreaming about those crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

So our hope was that Bermuda might be a smaller, simpler replica of that Hawaii dream trip…

Here’s everything about how the first trip of our year-long journey went: View Post



There is so much to see in Banff National Park, it can get overwhelming!

Each hiking spot, each day trip seems more interesting and beautiful than the next, and there are endless options.

For our trip to Banff National Park, Chris and I had a lot of trouble deciding how to narrow it all down.

But having returned from our trip, I’m sure of one thing: a day spent in the town of Banff is very worthwhile!

Here are the four top sites I’d recommend, in terms of where to go and what to see, for one day in the town of Banff: View Post



About halfway up the Lake Agnes Tea House hike – if you’re anything like me – you’ll want to give up and turn around.

My best advice: keep going!

There’s a huge pay-off at the end… View Post


Photo-Tour-The-Road-to-Hana-MauiI never thought it would be possible to – all in the space of one day – hike through a bamboo forest, swim under a waterfall, wander through a lava tube, eat a picnic lunch in a botanical garden, and lay out on a red sand beach.

But then I did the Road to Hana in Maui. And I learned it’s possible to do all this (plus eat homemade banana bread and coconut ice cream along the way!) and make it back to your hotel in time to watch the sunset over the ocean! Maui is just that varied and spectacular of an island.

I can’t believe I ever had doubts about whether Chris and I should do the Road to Hana. It was definitely one of our most memorable days of our entire trip to Hawaii.

Here are all of the photos we got along Hana Highway, featuring all of the highlights of our day: View Post



There are some spots where I’ll struggle all day to get a decent photograph, and nothing will work. And then there are those spots where I don’t even have to try, and everything just turns out beautifully. Four Seasons Maui was one of those locations that did all the work for me. It was one of the most stunning hotels I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the complete tour of the Four Seasons Maui: View Post



The tour guides have it all wrong.

Waipio Valley – located on the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island) – normally only gets a couple of short sentences. While the big resort areas, the volcano parks, and the shopping districts get all of the focus. I almost assumed there wasn’t anything special or worthwhile about making the trip out to Waipio.

But here’s the thought that came into my mind as I sat on the soft, warm, black sand beach of Waipio Valley: “I’ve found it in my lifetime! It’s here. Heaven on Earth.”

Why don’t the tour guides mention that?

There were so many things about Waipio that took my breath away, and here they are: View Post


Just a few days ago, the snow had all melted and the weather was warm enough that all I had to do was throw a light coat on Trevor.

Just like that, we were out the door.

No wrestling match over snow suit and boots and hat. No begging and pleading for Tru to put on his “ninnies” (aka mittens).

My hopes were high that I’d soon just toss all the winter gear into a closet and blissfully forget about it all through the summer.

And then Mother Nature betrayed me yet again! View Post